More About Free Web Hosting

I never recommend using a free webhosting server because they are too unstable.

You will never really own your website and you will not have a true domain name. Basically what they give you is a subdomain off their main domain. In exchange for letting you use the small amount of space, they place advertising banners and popup ads on your site, which will cause your website to load slowly.

The free webhosting server will only provide a very limited amount of bandwidth and once your website surpasses the free bandwidth limit, they will remove your site and force you to purchase one of their more expensive hosting plans.

Before you build a website and decide to use free webhosting find out what the monthly cost will be if your site exceeds the free bandwidth limit. This will save you time, money, energy and aggravation later on.  I suggest that you choose a cheap or a free webhosting plan and build a website the easy way !  If this is your first website, I recommend using webhosting.