XtremeBuilder enables user to build and create a web page without writing a single line of code.

This is a step-by-step manual that will guide users on how to build a web-page by using click functionality at XtremeBuilder.

screenshot of the website creation dashboard

Initial look of XtremeBuilder Website

  • This is the home page of XtremeBuilder; as you can see at the left side option box is open.
  • In the Block Tab you can select a Menu, Image, paragraphs etc
  • After selecting option from the menu box, a new edition can be witnessed.
  • Select Upload File from Computer. Then select the image which you want to upload.

How to add page to build out?

  • Select the pages tab from the setting panel.
  • After pressing Add Page button, a new page will be visible and copied from the previous page and Index page will be hidden.

How to link a Page to the Tab?

  • Go to Index Page and hover the mouse over the tab you want to link.
  • Right click of the mouse will open option and then select Edit then you can link page to the Tab Menu

How to use pre-designed theme for the web-page build?

  • Follow the Steps first blank page.
  • Press the Load button at Bottom-Right Corner.
  • Choose any design from the given and press open. Pre-design template will be open.

If you want to work on your website later you can save the work for later.

  • Press the save button at the Bottom-Right.
  • Enter the Name of your site then press save. The Website will be saved in the Saved project list of Load Tab.
  • Click on the project that you have saved. Voila the project will be open again from where you have left.

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